Tiffaney Arrouzet is a practicing certified massage therapist and Myofascial Release (MFR) specialist with over thirteen years of experience. Her initial training was at the Body Institute of Granite Bay where she mastered the fundamentals of massage therapy and was introduced to MFR. The next few years she perfected her massage techniques focusing on deep tissue and sports massage. Wanting to provide a more effective service to her clients she began focusing on obtaining Myofascial Release training by John Barnes and she found it to be a less abrasive technique than deep tissue and sports massage therapy with more long term results to her clients.

She began Myofascial Release training in 2001 and since has completed numerous seminars held by John F. Barns, the leading expert on Myofascial Release. She has completed the required amount of courses to be considered an advanced Myofascial Release therapist but continues to attend seminars to deepen her awareness and ability in the technique.

Tiffaney became a therapist because of a natural desire to help others. Her dedication to improvement is directly related to that desire in helping facilitate healing by creating long lasting solutions to varied health problems and to empower clients through the process. Massage therapy is not simply a job for Tiffaney it is her way of bettering the world one client at a time.